What I can provide

Live Graphic Recording

Engage audience and speakers during your event. Having a Graphic Recorder allows you to capture the essence in a visual and creative way. This service can be provide analogically or digitally.

Graphic Facilitation

Have a more productive meeting. Graphic Facilitation is a powerful tool that can help you and your team to be more efective. This service can be provide analogically or digitally.

Online Graphic Facilitation

Specifically thought for remote teams who want to keep track of their online meetings. Increase your productivity in your next online meeting.

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic Recording is the process of capturing live spoken content (e.g. presentation, workshop, meeting) which uses a combination of images and words.
The final result is a visual summary ‘map’ with the key themes and ideas.

Who am I

Luisa G Costa

Luisa G Costa

Graphic Recorder & Ilustrator

Porto, Portugal

What Customers are saying

Mª Luísa Ferreira

Head of Social Economic Advisor EIB Institute

"Luisa Costa was able to convey with her graphic the main messages of the discussion. Attractive but yet simple visuals."

Inês Santos Silva

Adviser at the Cabinet of the Portuguese Secretary of State of Industry

"I already had the chance to work with Pictures This on several occasions and the results have been great. Pictures This gives us not only a visual representation of the event we just held, but an excuse to keep the discussions flowing even after the event. Highly recommended."

Liliana Castro

FES agency | Founder & Creative Manager

"After working with Luisa in several events I can assure that working with Pictures This: was great and the representation of everything that happened was perfect. Thank you for all the attention to detail - clearly made the difference!"

Liliana Ribeiro


"Luisa has a special talent! She is able to capture and synthesize ideas and transform them into attractive, clear and simple graphics, adding value and clarity to concepts and themes, from the simplest to the most complex. Working with PictureThis: is a great asset."

Joana Lemos

Dep. Comunicação da Samsys

"I met Luisa at Expo Gondomar and I immediately became a fan of her work.It takes a lot of creativity, a huge ability to focus and a natural gift in order to be able to produce such original results. Congratulations, Luisa!"

Rik Berbé

Global Complexity Network

"Luisa facilitated our webinar which was broadcasted from a professional studio. During the 1-hour webcast she made a very well structured, colorful and clear picture of the conversation. The picture is rich and by looking to it you see the non-linearity of the story which could be never expressed using traditional wrap-ups. I very much recommend Luisa for your workshops, training sessions and webinars. Actually at every conversation about complex issues."